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We are volunteers who have the desire to help the most needy.

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Meet the man who scours the border for lost migrants
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JACUMBA MOUNTAINS, Calif. — Atop a mountain range straddling the U.S. and Mexico border, Rafael Hernandez Larraenza points to grim landmarks: A rocky hill to the south where…

“Desert Angels” Group Searches for Lost Immigrants in the Borderlands
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Rafael Hernandez is the director of Angeles del Desierto – the Desert Angels, a non-profit humanitarian group that performs search and rescue missions for immigrants…

Volunteers across south border
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“HUMANITARIAN AID IS NEVER A CRIME” There are admirable individuals and organizations that the general public hardly hears about, who try to lessen the human…

‘Desert Angels’ search for imperiled border crossers
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At least twice a day, Rafael Hernandez gets calls from desperate people. Their loved ones —- trying to come into the country illegally —- are…

Dan Rather Reports "Angel of the Desert"

Our mission is humanitarian in nature with the main purpose of saving lives.


Many people have lost their lives in these desert regions, some because of extreme temperatures or because they lack somethings as simple as a drink of water.

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