Who we are?

We are a non profit, humanitarian, search & rescue group made up of volunteers. We conduct search & rescue operation when there are lost persons in areas of the desert between the U.S and Mexican border. We are based out of San Diego, CA but will conduct searches outside the San Diego area if we are requested to do so.

We coordinate our efforts with local & regional authorities, like Border Patrol, Sherriff Department, Department of Forestry, Homeland Security & Mexican Consulate; with the sole purpose of Saving lives or recovering the bodies of those that have perished in the desert regions along the Mexico & U.S. Border.

On Saturdays evenings, we also go to the Tijuana port on entry into Mexico to help out those individuals who are being repatriated by the the Border Patrol or Homeland Security. Many of the Mexican nationals who are repatriated to Mexico through the Tijuana port of entry are not from Tijuana, so they really don’t know their way around. We are there to welcome them back into Mexico, we give them food, water, clothes, or information where they can get shelter or medical assistance if they need it.

We do not enforce local or immigration laws. That job falls within the Sheriff department and the Department of Border Patrol or Homeland Security. Our efforts are humanitarian.

Our mission is humanitarian in nature with the main purpose of saving lives.

Our mission is humanitarian in nature with the main purpose of saving lives.


Rafael Larraenza Hernandez
Founder and Director
Email: angeles_del_desierto@yahoo.com
Phone: 619-773-3688

Monica Larraenza
Email: monicaangelesdeldesierto@yahoo.com
Phone: 619-773-3688

We like to say thank you in advance. Your donations make our volunteer work possible.